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Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my website filled full of cool stuff and interesting things all about me and my life, I hope you enjoy browsing it and checking out what I’m doing today!

I really love to play with my new puppy Darcie, she arrived on my birthday and is full of beans, follow her daily diary and you will see a new photo every day. When I am not having my ears chewed by Darcie I like to play with my fellow dudes from school. We play Xbox online and when my friends come over we play multiplayer Fortnite on my gaming PC.

I enjoy going to Insomnia at the NEC – it’s such a cool event filled with some great tech stuff and all the latest games. This year I especially enjoyed the Cosplay section and learnt how to make weapons out of foam – such an awesome thing to do.

When not gaming or puppy training I enjoy the local trampoline park, and flipping out doing tricks and other cool moves with my friends.

Enjoy my website, browse and come back to check out what I am up to. Look out for my gaming live streaming where I will be playing some of my favourite games and sharing my experiences with you all.

Hope you enjoy, that’s all for now – byee 🙂

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Hello I'm BengyTheDog and welcome to my website! Follow me to stay updated with all my adventures in life, Darcie the puppy and my passion for gaming. Follow me on social media to keep up to date with everything in my world, and bookmark this website so you can easily find me!

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March 2023